Woman Easily Opens Jar After Watching Men Struggle
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  • Fuhe Yu
    Fuhe Yu

    That first clip is the definition of "Work smarter, not harder."

    • NeptuneFusion

      You’re not wrong

    • Thibo Leen #22
      Thibo Leen #22

      No look 0:12 the man already twisted it a bit if u look good

    • Sympathy Bear
      Sympathy Bear


    • A Cat With Internet Access
      A Cat With Internet Access


    • Jac Ob
      Jac Ob

      Only smart person

  • LS4te

    They actualy loosen'd the jar and the girl just did the final pull it happened to me many times

  • animeshit

    He always makes my day more than just a little better

  • [] bmw []
    [] bmw []

    @2:36 most beautiful touching thing I have ever seen in my life.

  • Que4sae

    iq 100

  • Lilly Zuniga
    Lilly Zuniga



    the funny tging is on the first clip you can see the men unscrewing the lid of most the way the girl just finnished it yea hitting it against the counter was smart but she didnt do it all



  • Yesenia Vasquez
    Yesenia Vasquez

    Girls r powerful

  • Vantazzy

    That car was chased by the police 0:53 or at least something with light signalling above it's car.

  • ECO dom
    ECO dom

    @1:20 Whatever country that is, it is not America.

  • Pearl Tea
    Pearl Tea

    Jesus car

  • Nitish

    Hello everyone, my grandfather is in serious condition due to covid 19. Please pray for him to get well soon. He is on ventilator .please pray for him to get well soon . his name is Mr tek ram. Our whole family is under immense mental stress. Please pray for his good health. Please.

  • Joel Zachariah
    Joel Zachariah

    Fun fact all the men who tried to open it just made it loose

  • Will Morrison
    Will Morrison

    2:44 dats a killdeer

  • Warriorseamonkey16

    First you get a jar

  • Penguin Dude
    Penguin Dude

    Obviously they partly opened it for her, you can easily see.


    The first video, that trick was taought to me by my parent when i was 6 , well 10 years ago

  • little goose
    little goose

    Why it matter that she a girl

  • ContentThief

    He just "weakened it" for her is all

  • Grim Creed
    Grim Creed

    I love how dusky dose of internet puts the clip he’s describing first so that you don’t go through the tenure video trying to find it it makes me actively watch the entire video out of happiness instead only annoyance

  • migiboo ඞ
    migiboo ඞ

    the one where they make that many wife look like she's alive is so sweet. it doesn't seem like much to a normal person, but that man must be so happy to be able to see his wife again.

  • senseless 1
    senseless 1

    0:50 what a piece of shit

  • The only Wan Gaming
    The only Wan Gaming

    Man got some drip

  • Wretched Era
    Wretched Era

    0:42 what are those!?!

  • abhishek shankar
    abhishek shankar

    0:50 when she says she is home alone

  • Zachary Tristan
    Zachary Tristan

    1:41 dash dash on the move

  • stickerontop

    When Jesus pulls up to the car meet: 1:40

  • Mallory Harris
    Mallory Harris

    The bird is called a “Kill Deer” It’s a protected bird down her in Arizona, and makes its nest on the ground.

  • Roven

    Man be like: I got no time for this bridge

  • Foaion

    The guy is boxing and the girl is kungfu

  • Lincoln Kelly
    Lincoln Kelly

    Real ones will know that’s the same bridge Ross ran and jumped off of

  • ashyx

    The fist video helped yo I was struggling to open the jar of tomato sauce thank god it worked

  • vinod samala
    vinod samala

    0:33 is that from Dunkirk movie🙄

  • Jesus Garcia karma
    Jesus Garcia karma

    I like the part where it shows a video of daily dose of internwt

  • John Johnoun
    John Johnoun

    She turn other side..... 0:27

  • John Ruiz
    John Ruiz

    1:39 Jesus has returned!

  • Mr. Slime Gaming Official
    Mr. Slime Gaming Official

    1:41 they should call it the Jesus mobile

  • 100T Tekkz
    100T Tekkz

    Men b like target escaped we'll get him next time

  • Bread

    women after watching this: and this is why we are more advanced, more stronger, and we have more endurance and intelligence than men combined! who's with me my fellow girlies? ✊😊😏

  • twiiitch

    "She's alive"😭😭😭

  • larix plays
    larix plays

    It she ausw boy put some pressure do it was a little lose or she could not even turn it she dumb

  • Viewer_Discretion_ Advised
    Viewer_Discretion_ Advised

    I flipping just saw that bird

  • Jose Avilez
    Jose Avilez

    No wonder I struggle going up hill, gravity is forcing on my more

  • mask with lil sister
    mask with lil sister

    plot twist : all the guy there was a simp

  • geek of marvel
    geek of marvel

    1:42 ישו/Jesus?

  • H.H ahangama
    H.H ahangama

    2:43 its 3d noise when you plug ear phones

  • GetBodied24

    The pigeon really said I’m a runner I’m a track star

  • Eunice Laine Zamora
    Eunice Laine Zamora

    Woman: *easily opens jar Men: Watching my life end right there. Ya'all don't nee me anymore. What is the purpose of mah life.

  • Drew Eckert
    Drew Eckert

    He didn’t build did it’s a Traxxas X max with paddle tires

  • Shie H.
    Shie H.

    😆😆😆😆😆Loved the first clip.

  • Dr. Goober
    Dr. Goober

    0:46 only in Florida

  • Spencer Frehner
    Spencer Frehner

    3:08 me: so thats why australia's so wonky

  • Spencer Frehner
    Spencer Frehner

    "an am-bolance"

  • Martin Kalra
    Martin Kalra

    0:41 Father Duck to pigeon (in the background) : "And that's how I met your mother..."

  • Skyfi Gaming
    Skyfi Gaming

    2:05. look how cute and innocent that guy looks


    Plot twist : the jar's lid became weaker while men were trying to open it and then the woman opened it easily

  • Tooncat 56
    Tooncat 56

    Of course the guy was a Florida man jumping over a bridge

  • Dr James Lilly pad
    Dr James Lilly pad

    The men made it weak for her

  • Harry Massey
    Harry Massey

    She’s had her weetabix 👍

  • Ben

    Is nobody gonna talk about the second one

  • Saad Ahmad
    Saad Ahmad

    0:52 the best example of real life GTA V players

  • Midnight Stories
    Midnight Stories

    It isn't a fair comparison if has taken the super soilder serum...

  • Khiva Haidar
    Khiva Haidar

    Plot twist: the jar was a paid actor and was given $100 by the woman that day

  • Zubair Sadiq
    Zubair Sadiq

    Basically she used her brains....🙄

  • Arjyabir Hazra
    Arjyabir Hazra

    You don't open a jar like that. At least, I will never be able to. There is always a fear of the jar shattering if you apply just a little too much strength.

  • quliopRBLX

    They said it could not be done.

  • Sethu C A
    Sethu C A

    I wish this channel existed without that annoying narrator.

  • potaterjim

    When the boss has 1% hp left

  • JujuMagic8

    That last thing about gravity, its not the mass of the mountains that makes the gravity have more force, its the distance of the peaks from the center of mass of the earth.

  • Marcos Lopez
    Marcos Lopez

    No I loosened it

  • Thel ‘Vadum
    Thel ‘Vadum

    The reason the jar worked, was because hitting it or prying it just a little bit, will release the pressure in the jar, making it easier to open.

  • Alpha Knowledgeum
    Alpha Knowledgeum

    smartness makes your work easy. first clip is the example.

  • ̇

    Feminists proof be like

  • 100_ HOLLOW _001
    100_ HOLLOW _001

    0:42 That’s sad, someone must have lost their pet fancy pigeon :(

  • Verma

    Easily, wiseness,care and honesty. Live by qualities.


    I'm the only one in my family who can open big jars successfully

  • Fran Soria
    Fran Soria

    Los pibes: le aflojamos la tapa

  • Armin Theron
    Armin Theron

    Jesus loves you so much ❤️ I was addicted to porn for almost 6 years of my life, I was on drugs, alcohol and I hated people, Jesus set me free and he can set you free aswell ❤️all you have to do is repent and trust in him and he will change your life!!❤️

  • w

    You may have no name but im W

  • J Do
    J Do

    I've never got the "tap the lid" technique to work. 😑

  • Ti Kay
    Ti Kay

    3:01 hmmm that's why Indonesian are short

  • I need name
    I need name

    Defeated males leaves

  • Jack Pines XLII
    Jack Pines XLII

    I used to live in a place full of the birds (we call them Kill Deer) and everytime i went to do pipes they would spring out of no where and scare the shit out of me

  • Heather Fahey
    Heather Fahey

    I live in Florida!

  • oh ok
    oh ok

    It was hard to tell but was that a crosshair landing on the water?

  • king thunder
    king thunder

    I bet all the guys were like "we loosened it for her it was already really loose"

  • Lazarus

    i usally just hit the lid with the back of a butter knife

  • Michael Williams Jr
    Michael Williams Jr

    Jw org

  • Snooby66

    And the Oscar for Most Annoying Video Narration goes to .... DDOI

  • PixelParasite

    That one with the old man made me cry. It was so sweet and so sad at the same time

  • Ludwig Vonn
    Ludwig Vonn

    I cant believe kitchen workers dont know how to open a jar... it must be staged.. Its basic knowledge you have to tap it a couple of times from the back or the side.

  • EvoLime

    My mum when im late for school: 0:57

  • Alex Wright
    Alex Wright

    That car be like Jesus

  • A_A Gaming
    A_A Gaming


  • Daddy Doom
    Daddy Doom

    #3:11 ayo me and da boiis heading to cape Canaveral because it has a weak gravitational pole and is the perfect spot to achive heaven

  • Demi Janelle Avergonzado
    Demi Janelle Avergonzado

    1:12 is technically me being dragged

  • Kusuo mon
    Kusuo mon

    They turned a remote control car into Jesus.

  • sexatoo

    I normally use a spoon to pop the air of the jar no need to demonstrate the jar I am a strong big man xD

  • Mercenes s
    Mercenes s

    The title should be: Woman waits for few men to make it easier for her to open the jar